Specializing in Underwater Services
Bottom Cleaning
Props, Zincs, Rudders,
Shafts, Trim Tabs, etc.

Serving South Pinellas

Your vessel is more than your pride and joy.

It is an assembly of fiberglass, wood, machines, motors, pumps, etc all connected by fasteners, welds, and couplings. With age, all of this hardware becomes prone to deterioration and or failure.

Our divers are boaters who know boats. They are trained to not only clean your boat in the safest most efficient manner, but to observe, know and monitor, potential problems. Many times we have detected problems with a vessel before the owner realizes there is a problem.
We have specialized tools specifically designed for bottom cleaning that removes algae, barnacles and other marine growth, yet treats your expensive bottom paint gently.

You might want to talk to us about waxing your boat every so often. Having a solid coat of wax on the boat’s hull will prevent much of the buildup that gets forced into the actual finish of the boat. Nothing is more frustrating than scrubbing and scrubbing on a bad spot that just won’t go away.

When cleaning decks and topsides, we are careful to never use harsh or abrasive detergents, using only those specified for fiberglass boat finishes. Over time, improper detergents can damage your boat’s finish to such an extent that you can scrub and buff all you want, it's just not gonna look right.


We maintain service logs monitoring all zinc activity, and are able provide videos to keep the customer fully informed and up to date

Should this situation ever arise, we keep an up to date listing of preferred contractors in a particular field that are dependable, cost effective, and honest. Sort of a local Angie's list of recommended services.